Chronic and Acute Pain Educational Programming

Cancer Pain Management: Identifying Appropriate Nursing Roles & Interventions

Program no. MA-1107N, 120 minutes
Presenters: Leta Truett, RN, MN, CCRN; Deborah M. Thorpe, PhD, RN, CS; Mary Cunningham, RN, MS; Talulah Ruger, RN, BSN
This program features physicians and doctors discussing various appropriate nursing rules and interventions in pain management. The major areas of discussion are as follows: acute or post-operative pain management - current techniques and therapies, barriers to effective management; chronic non-malignant pain management or behavioral/cognitive pain management- classifications of chronic non-malignant pain characteristics, data collection, and treatment, cancer pain management - dosing regimens; nursing assessment for acute, chronic non-malignant or cancer pain - current therapies and techniques, point controlled analgesia (PCA), epidural analgesia.

$289.00 USD

Pain Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients: Controlling Costs

Program no. MB-1108M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Judd W. Moul, MD; Myra Glajchen, DSW; David G. McLeod, MD, JD; Nancy A. Dawson, MD
New paradigm of metastatic prostate cancer; psychosocial aspects of metastatic prostate cancer and pain management; comparisons and contrasts of prostate cancer: patients vs. physicians; medicolegal aspects; medical oncology perspective of metastatic prostate cancer/pain control.

$249.00 USD

Outcome Studies: Pain Management

Program no. MB-0208H, 90 minutes
Presenters: Barry Cole, MD; Richard Thomas, RN,MBA; Ray Moreno, RPH, MBA; Richard S. Weiner, PhD
Outcome Study Participation-Necessary Today; Practical Consideration; Report Cards; Severity/Risk Adjustments; Patient Satisfaction; Outcomes Measurement: A Competitive Tool; Rewarding Successful Service; Getting Started.

$249.00 USD

EMS: Chronic Pain Management in the Emergency Setting

Program no. MC-0320E, 60 minutes
Presenters: Merle L. Diamond, MD, FACP; Leonard Cerullo, MD; Glen D. Soloman, MD
This program addresses issues in chronic pain management in the emergency medical setting including: the differential diagnosis of headaches, management of lower back pain and management of patients with chronic pain in the acute setting.

$209.00 USD

Pharmacology of Neuropathic Pain: Corticosteroids, Anesthetics, Anticonvulsants

Program no. MB-0915M, 30 minutes
Presenters: Mark Boswell, MD
(No Description Available.)

$189.00 USD

What Every Physician Wants Their Patients to Know: Narcotic Medications

8 minutes
Presenters: Jeffery Nelson, MD
The objective of this video is to educate patients regarding their diagnosis and proper treatment when narcotic prescription medications are involved. Physicians often have minimal time and resources to do this properly face-to face: we envision this video being used in the treatment room or a separate 'education' room after a traditional office visit. This program is designed to be informative and to help the physician guide the patient away from mal-adaptive behavior. It is brief, easily understandable, and retains the patient's attention through the use of quality content and graphical displays.

$75.00 USD

What Every Physician Wants Their Patients to Know: Migraine

Presenter: Jefferey Nelson, MD
Designed for physicians to provide their patients with a solid introduction to migraine headaches, this excellent program covers the differences between sinus headaches, tension headaches and migraine. It also explores the causes of migraines; their auras, triggers and potential treatment regimens including abortive strategies and preventive treatments. Presented by Dr. Jeffery Nelson, board certified in neurology and electrodiagnostic medicine, with an extensive practice which allows him to treat migraine patients every day. This video is an excellent addition to the libraries of universities, community colleges and professional schools.
$75.00 USD

New Directions in the Treatment of Headaches

Program no. MC-0131M, 90 minutes
Seymour Diamond, MD; Merle L. Diamond, MD,FACP; Jack A. Klapper, MD; Brian Mondell, MD
Indications and agents used in the abortive and prophylactic treatment of migraine, non-pharmacologic intervention; aspects of diagnosis and current options of episodic and chronic cluster headache, therapeutic complexities of cranial neuralgias; distinction between episodic and chronic tension-type headaches, selection of agents used in chronic tension-type headaches due to anxiety and depression; factors impacting on the differential diagnosis of headache presented in the emergency dept., and the indications for neuroradiologic testing.
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Botulinum Toxin in the Treatment of Myofascial Pain & Headache

Program no. ML-0701M, 90 minutes
(No Description Available.)
$249.00 USD

New Directions in the Management & Treatment of Headaches

Program no. MB-0601M, 60 minutes
Seymour Diamond, MD; Richard B. Lipton, MD; Robert S. Kunkel, MD, FACP; R. Michael Gallagher, DO, FACOFP
Familiarizes viewers with the diagnosis and treatment of migraine headaches. A thorough discussion of the newest advances in the treatment of migraine, as well as standard forms of therapy, are presented.
$209.00 USD